How to Get to Dolphins North Lodge

Dolphins North Salmon Fishing
British Columbia - the ultimate Canada fishing trip! Dolphins North Lodge is a floating wilderness fishing destination for the serious angler located on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. This floating BC fishing lodge is moored in a protected anchorage close to the shores of Work Channel north of Prince Rupert, B.C. and south of Ketchican and the Alaska border.


Where is Prince Rupert and how do I get there?

Arriving by Plane
Don't feel bad if you have no idea where Prince Rupert is! Lots of BC residents would have trouble pinpointing this remote coastal town.

Prince Rupert is on the West Coast of British Columbia, opposite the northern end of the Queen Charlotte Islands and just south of the Alaska - BC border.



By Car...

You can drive all the way to Prince Rupert but make sure you plan the trip as part of your vacation because it's a long way! The first leg takes you to Prince George, 482 miles (778 km) north of Vancouver on Highway 97. From there you take Highway 16, the Yellowhead Highway, west to Prince Rupert. The highway winds along the mighty Skeena River and Michelin Guides give this spectacular section of the highway a five-star rating and describe it at a "must-travel" route. It's 450 miles (724 km) from Prince George to Prince Rupert (you're in the presence of royalty up north), that puts you almost 1000 miles north of the southern Canada-US border.

Another way to get to Prince Rupert by car, with less driving, is to come over by ferry to Vancouver Island and drive to Port Hardy, on the northern tip of the Island 148 (238 km) north of Campbell River on Highway 19. From Port Hardy you can take a BC Ferry up the Inside Passage (stunning scenery) directly to Prince Rupert. Reservations are mandatory for this sailing, call 250-386-3431 for schedules and fares and to book your passage, or check BC Ferries web site at

When you arrive in Prince Rupert we will fly you by float plane to Dolphins North Resort.
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By Commercial Flight...

The return flight from Vancouver to Prince Rupert not included in our package price. Due to the limited number of airlines carriers offering scheduled service, it is extremely important that you work with our travel agents at Prince Rupert, Elan Travel..

Elan Travel has a negotiated rate, preferred flight times, a block on all seats on our turnover days, and a negotiated outgoing baggage allowance {for fish} with our preferred carrier and will also get you a competitive rate from your point of origin.

Elan Travel also handles our meet-and-greet service, our passenger bus and our baggage shuttle from the Prince Rupert Airport to the float plane base. Additionally, Elan also hosts a private lounge for Dolphins Resort guests at the airport which is primarily used on outgoing flights but is also available in case of delays on incoming as well.

Please note:
Prince Rupert airport is located outside of the town of Prince Rupert and on Digby Island. The logistics of moving people with ease and comfort from great distances to a remote wilderness fishing camp on the coast of British Columbia presents a unique set of challenges. We feel it is of the utmost importance that you contact the experts at Elan Travel as soon as you have made your decision to fish at Dolphins North and secure your flight plans.


Arriving by Private Plane

Should you plan to arrive in Prince Rupert by private corporate jet or charter and require assistance for your final leg by float plane, Elan Travel should be notified well ahead of time with flight information and the passenger manifest forwarded to the float plane base.

Elan Travel's toll-free number is 1-800-969-6997 or email
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